Hello, lovely people! My name is Dasha Karulina. I live in Moscow, Russia.
Ever since I can remember, I have always loved various kinds of art: sculpture, painting, photo, literature. When I became older I discovered the fashion world, which seems to me as a kind of art that we can do every moment of our life, every morning when we open our wardrobe!
How you can guess I began to fall in love with fashion fully.And I wanted to share my passion. So, I decided to make a blog in which I can talk to you not only about fashion, but also about things that interest and inspire me, about art and my life.

I started CHECK IT OUT in 2012 and every new day I fell even more excited about it! 

I regulary take part in Moscow Fashion Week, Mercedes-benz Fashion Week. I am currently a writer for FAVOT magazine,a photographer for THELOOK, an official blogger for www.missreu.com.
I have already done a cool collaboration with River Island brand and work on some interesting projects now.

I can talk to you for ages, but you'd better CHECK IT OUT!