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Monday, October 26, 2015

Hi lovely people! 
There is fashion week here, in Moscow, and frankly speaking it's my favorite time of the year (oh, ok, summer time is not counting).
I now there are a lot of girls who want to attend all this beautiful shows and I will try to do my best to make you feel this atmosphere and vibes of the most stylish week.

Did you know that 9 hours on a fashion week is incomparable to 9 hours of lectures in the university? Time flows even faster than you can imagine. When the show of one designer ends there is another one on the catwalk. And it literally looks like lots of women on high heels and men with cameras are running from one catwalk to another one without any little stop. 
Of course, people who attend almost all shows are fashion maniacs (in a good way) (like me sometimes). Others, like celebrities, visit just a couple of shows of their favorite designers. I also have my favorite ones I'll never miss, but I'm also always excited to see new faces and something outstanding. 
Well, for instance, couple of days ago I saw a show of Chinese brand, where designers used elements of traditional costumes. It was not something we see on a fashion weeks in Russia and even not something I-wanna-buy-immediately-give-me-give-me thing, but it felt like I attended some Chinese museum and had a look at some gorgeous exhibits. It actually gave me a huge dose of inspiration. So yes, for me all shows on a MBFW Russia are shows of:
1) my favorite designers (like Akhmadullina, Gauser and more)
2) inspirational new ones 
3) out of fashion ones (yes, they appear from time to time)

Overall, in most cases fashion week shows are a great source of new ideas.

Noting better than a moment right a couple of seconds before the show when the light is turned off and everyone is waiting what will be next.
Sometimes you focus on every piece, sometimes you just cut off all your thinking processes and relax. In both cases you feel so inspired after all. 
I picked some photos from these days, so you can enjoy the atmosphere! Many more will be just in a couple of days :)

                                                   pure magic!

Natalia Vodianova

sweets and backstage! 

how cute is that?

interviews, interviews 

photos: MBFW Russia, my phone, Юлия Рубцова

coat MANGO| top and pants ZARA| shoes NEW LOOK| bag..honestly don't remember:D| lipstick YSL

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