Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Finally I managed to find some time to write here!
So guys this time it will be a story about my travelings during spring holidays. As you might know I am kind of passionate about discovering new places and cities, meeting people with their unique life stories- it's definitely the way to broaden your outlook and fulfill your life with inspiration and positive energy.

So I always try to travel as much as possible and of course I took this chance to discover new places while being an exchange student in the center of Europe.
So my first (and very spontaneous) trip was in Slovenia. We actually planned to go to Germany, but realized we should buy cheap tickets in advance, so Slovenia was our quick decision.
After relaxing weekend in Slovenia, I went to Budapest during my Easter break. This trip I spent with my awesome roommate, who showed me the city and all the sightseeings.

Budapest is such a beautiful city, and during Easter break it was even more beautiful with all these Easter markets, tasty street food, music and happiness around.

Actually I have never been a big fan of spring because of its changing nature. When someone told "spring" I had such a strong association with mountains of dirty snow and cigarette butts that appear when the snow melts, kind of unpredictable weather, exams.. brr, you see, I've never felt like it's my season. BUT when I came to Budapest and saw this cherry and magnolia blossom everywhere.. I fall in love with all this spring beauty. So Budapest brought me back a positive beautiful image of spring:)

The last day in Hungary was crazy as I woke up and had breakfast in Budapest, lunch in Vienna and finally took curry sausage in Germany..
Will tell about it soon;)

breathtaking Parliament

How could I skip fashion week? haha

Royal spa is a best thing where to go after sightseeing!


Haha what?

So colorful!

The City park with a castle and a statue of Anonymous is a very special place. Highly suggest to see it!

Street food, yaaay! Goulash in bread

Lángos, a deep-fried dough with various toppings

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