Wednesday, August 05, 2015

I bet you can't imagine how many pics I still have to share with you guys! From Austria and from all my trips to France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Czech Republic.. Will try to do it step by step, just hope it will not take a year (it will) to post them all here.
So, let's start from my lovely Austria. In May my mom and me went to Tyrol to do hiking, to relax in a spa and to check some nice places like old castles, deep blue lakes, Swarovski museum and Innsbruck. This trip was really awesome, because we found one lovely village with lake and lived there for a couple of days literally doing nothing just walking, talking and relaxing. Oh, lovely time..

Back to reality, as you know I came back to Moscow and feel myself so weird.. Still it feels strange why everyone speaks russian, why it takes me 1,5 hours minimum (not 30 min maximum in Vienna) to go somewhere. And it's so unusual to realise that while you lived in a prefect-bubble-of-happiness in Vienna and felt like time stopped it actually went as always in Russia. I watched news yesterday and they said "so it is what everyone discussed for last 3 monthes" and I was like " ehh, what did everyone discuss?". It was like someone erased my memory haha.
When you live in a country you're barely surprised by some changes that you see because everyone discuss them many many times. So, when I came back to Moscow I spotted some changes immediately. Lots of festivals, bands that play their songs under the bridges, new open air cinema, city bikes, new city projects, new ideas.. Yey, It's always good to see some progress!

 It's a rabbit!

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