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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Do you agree with this quote? I am 100% sure it's true. I always thought that it is up to you what the world will be like.Well, I guess that world changes not due to some mysterious things, magic or something else, but people simply have an impact on it. 
That is why I've never ever understood those who said «what will change if I do it? I just an ordinary person» or «I'm the only one, but there are lots of people on the Earth.. even if I do it, nothing will change». I was like «wait what?».. Every single person influence the world. 

Even a small action can make a big difference. It’s like in the butterfly effect theory, which says that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may cause a tornado! Of course, we can not change the world in one day, but we CAN do it doing some things every day. And all these actions will lead to a brand new world. 
And I believe that everything is about our own willing. No changes will come if we just wait for them, hoping that someone else will do them. There is no «someone else». As well as there is no right time to start to do something, because the right time is always now.
I know that you all, guys, have completely different lifestyles and interests. Some of you work and someone of you study. Someone lives in Russia, someone in Australia. But there are actions that you can do no matter where you are, how old are you and who are you. That's why I want to tell you about one really cool austrian-australian start up called Bgood. Even if the project is not in your country, I hope that this idea will inspire and encourage you to make some actions.

So what is it? Shortly, Bgood is a web site for people who want to improve the community and the environment. How? By doing some tasks from 3 main fields: ecological, social and environmental ones. Completing these tasks you can get some virtual good.coins. After that you can exchange these coins to real nice goodies of some partner companies of this project. 
For instance, there are ecological tasks like using a bike instead of a car, using the right plate for a pot or changing your ordinary lamps to LED ones..It is not that hard, right?
Or there are also a social section of deeds which include such good everyday things as offering your seat in a public transport or just smiling and greeting the driver (Russia, break our most famous rule: poker face in a public transport, haha;))

There are also some tasks that will help you to learn more about fair trade products, eco-friendly clothes (things that almost don't exist in Russia). There are plenty of my friends, who are somehow connected with food products, fashion and it might be interesting for you, guys, to check it out and to change things finally. 
And the last but not least group of targets is about volunteering. There are tasks like helping children with their homework or helping Red Cross with an issue of food.. To my mind, it's not the easiest but the most powerful group, where you can get the greatest emotional feedback and change not only your, but the life of others.

To sum up, I want to say that you are the only one who can make our world a better place to inhabit. And everyone can do some good things that will make difference. Step by step. Just try it and you will see, "this is the beginning of anything you want":)

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