Goodbye for now

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hi people:) Wanna share these pics we did in Volksgarten, my favorite garden which has just enormous amount of beautiful flowers inside.

Actually, I can't believe one week in Vienna left. Time flew so fast, feels like it was just one long perfect weekend, not 5 months! I met so many awesome people, was in so many cool places, did so many things I planed but delayed..It's much harder to leave Vienna because this city always feels like home. Frankly speaking, even Moscow, where I was born and raised, never felt like 100% mine home (is it weird?). Well, thanks to my amazing friends&family, who sent me all these sweetest messages about how much they miss me (love you, guys) I can't wait to hug them all. So yes, it's good to came back just because of these awesome peeps.
During my last week of exchange I try to capture every single moment (yeap, I turned my tourist mode on and run around the city taking pictures&making videos..). With my friends we do some things and go to some places we still have not been but wanted (though my useless attempts to convince someone to go to a brunch/museum/football game/fashion market failed in most cases haha). And I just try not to be very-very-upset that I leave my favorite town for now.

bag H&M | shirt JT&me | pants Bershka

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