A meeting with Mariano Di Vaio

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Well,I must confess, I wanted to post this post muuuuuuuch earlier! But i was sick and was writing my coursework, so I am so sorry! Here it is:) 
As you know, this year I attended Mercedes-Benz fashion week and had a wonderful chance to meet with a fashion blogger, model and just one inspiring person Mariano Di Vaio.
During his stay in Russia he shared his thoughts about fashion, good team, blogging, it was interesting to hear them. 
I asked Mariano what inspires him. Well, I guess, I got a perfect answer: " My inspiration are people. I like watching people. Many get scared when I say this. It's really suspicious, right? But I 'll tell you how it all began. I was on Oxford Street in London. It was one of my first nights in town. I looked around and saw a strange dressed man. His things were not so good, but he was so confident, and presented them with such dignity that I was sure that this man was dressed cool. Then I realized that in any outfit you can look gorgeous. For example, think of Rihanna. When you look at her clothes, you always think something like "wow, this is unreal, why can not I dress like that?". And then you see her stuff in the store and it looks strange. But her personality changes clothes and make them cool. Or think about Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. Maybe Brad Pitt is a hundred times more beautiful than Depp, but most of the girls choose Depp, because he is charming and has a special skill to present himself. I love fashion for these opportunities to show your personality."
Yes, guys, I totally agree with Mariano! It is all about people and their individuality. If you feel like you have no money, no perfect clothes- stop hesitating, stop thinking about it! You can see a person with a dress made from an old blind but it will look a-m-a-z-i-n-g because of the person, his or her mood and behavior. Never think that circumstances restrict you. The only thing that restrict you it is your mind! First of all think about a filling, broaden your outlook, do your best and think positively- and than you image outside will be perfect!
It is kind of philosophic thoughts, but I just do want to share them with you!:))
I am so happy I have an ability to meet with people which inspire me and push me to be better (and say that they do something you also do, which some other people think is strange. Nope, we are not weird, we are bloggers ahha).
And I will be so happy if I will motivate someone else to be better!
Ps.Thanks, Mariano! And full spread ahead, collegue:))

 ahah weird photo:)))

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