happy new year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 gone so fast..
My 2013 was marvelous. It was a year of astonishing traveling experience. Previously, I used to go to one foreign country throughout the year and, you know, it was kinda traveling with guides, buses and " you now have 10 minutes to explore a three-storeyed  museum" (ughh).
So I told my friend I dreamt about my own planed traveling, without any unnecessary stuff, but with flexible programme and real life taste. So, as you can see, we did it:) We made our euro tour ( Czech republic- Germany- Austria- France) and it was more than cool!
Moreover, as I love to spend a time with my family, we took some days off and went to the Rhodes beach in Greece.
It is not all, when we came back to Russia, some months passed and we started to miss the vibe of Europe so much. And I was always a little bit crazy about Italy...So as you can see if you follow me in Instagram (@dasha_karulina), we did it as well!! 
When you utterly want something- you will definitely rich it. Good consequences, crazy best friend, which always like "hey, girl, why not?" made it come true.

This is my Happy year. My cousin was born this summer. My family and friends are with me, saying that I can deal with everything and they love me. It means the world.

Now, guys, it is time to set goals, to do you always dreamed about.
And to smile. To hug your beloved. To get a new experience. To take new heights.
Wish you to be healthy, positive and happy.
Wish you to live 2014 fully. I mean FULLY, not 50/50!  I fall in love with a quote I saw in Rome. It contains just 2 words but they can change your whole life: Carpe Diem (seize the day). So, peeps, DO NOT lose any second of 2014, make your plans come true, enjoy EACH day!


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4 коммент.

  1. really gorgeous year
    thank you for it :)

  2. Каждое фото - кусочек какого-то большого события из твоей жизни!! Это так интересно осознавать!)) Спасибо за пост!