EUROTOUR: Chech Republic

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

SUMMER TIME As many of you guys know, this summer was full of impressions, one of the best summer times ever for me. What can be better than travelling around the world with your best friend? Nothing at all...
From planning the trip, crazy before-the-trip-days of choosing where to live, where to go, dealing with flights, visas, etc to finally exploring the Europe by ourselves without any guides and tours was so inexpressible feeling. Well, I just can say that I'm so grateful to my family and my friends, who helped me to make this trip real.

So, what was the first stop? Chech republic, where I met my friend and our crazy holidays started!
Perfect country to start your trip with great architecture, gorgeous (well, and it looked so cheap when we returned there from France, 6 euro for biiiiiiig plat with meat, potato, cabbage + bottle of Kofola+ bread) food, athmosphere of weekend in the middle of the week. My true Love.

Outfit: Zara total look

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