Dresses. 1st December. It is ok.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

QUESTION of the day: you don't know what to wear for your very special occasion, a meeting with friends or a cocktail party? The answer is simple-a dress!
As far as I am conserned, dresses are just the perfect decision for everything. Woman looks more feminine, fragile and elegant. So, now it is not summer, buuut, we can still wear them, right( #sogirly). If you hesitate about choosing the right one, I gonna help you with it! 
P.S. all these dresses are pretty expensive, you know, not many people(especialy students ughh) can offer buying them, so you can find some ideas and find less expensive alternative, it is possible if you know what you wanna find;)

Lets start from dresses numbers 1 and 2
They look like a painter's canvas. The first one is by PAUL & JOE (£350) and it looks like a Impressionist's drawing, amazing. The second one by VERSUS (£329.17) is more abstract&brignt with a combination of purple and black colours.

The 3th and 4th numbers are "little black dresses" , first one is Versace leather dress (£ 1,979.17 ) and Dagmar lace dress (£437.50).

№5 and №6 are both cute and girly. The first one is LANVIN Bow-embellished textured-crepe dress (£3,037.50) is looks like a dress from a princess wardrode. If you buy something like that, be very careful wth assesories in order not to look like Barbie, you know:)The second one CHRISTOPHER KANE is more provocational, with tape lace, cool idea.(Lace and crystal-appliqued silk-organza dress £3,525)

And the last ones, numbers 7 and 8, are absolutely dfferent. The first dress by SASS & BIDE £495.83 is black and white with unusial cut, it will look so good with neon assesories. And about neon, the last but not least dress is SIMONE ROCHA organza dress £850, which is amazingly good decision for different occasions from parties to lonly summer(summer mood, sorry..) walks.

What is your favorite dress? Well, as for me, I just want them all!:)

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