Let's add some colour

Thursday, February 21, 2013

COLOUR These pics we made couple of weeks ago, so it's time to finally post them. Colourful look including NY on my t-shirt, jacket with an abstract pattern and one of my favorite earrings.
That day I tryed to paint oil for a first time, despite of the fact I always wanted to. Well, it seems to be totally mine, texture image is very unusual, and a variety of colors is very huge, feels like you can even draw something that does not exist in nature. And if something is not working, it is easy to fix it, you just need to put a new layer of paint! You can see my canvas and some elements from it in the post below. Wish I was in my picture right now.. sun, mountains, plenty of flowers and sea definitely not far away, ah. Enjoy!


shirt: Terranova
pants: Zara
jacket: River Island
shoes: New Look

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