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Sunday, August 05, 2012

IT'S TIME FOR A HUGE POST  about my first fashion show. It was absolutely gorgeous! You know, flickering light, energetic music and plenty of people from fashion sphere discussing the last collections. It looks like you get in a fairy tale. And I was truly happy to be part of it. We went there together with my friend. That show was the Fashion Degree Show by British Higher School of Art and Design. The clothes were made by graduated students. I must note that some collections were made so professionally and so incredible! I saw some fresh sapid ideas, for instance what do you think about using plastic or various ethnic components in the clothing? I guess it's noteworthy.

One marvellous day I wanna wake up in the morning and go to my work. A fashion work. This world absolutely charm me! I'd like to create and design something as well as to be in the backstage doing manegement in fashion, develop various concepts and promote goods. To sum up, I wanna try everything and choose what suits me better:)
I made up my mind to dress up a floral dress (it's kinda strange that I start to be obsessed by floralprints, never were) with plastic zone (as if I borrowed it from one of these degree show, with lots of plastic elements). I wanted to add high heels that would suit this look better definitely but I was in a hurry so I picked ones that caught my eye ( shame on me!)..Well, less words- more photos, let's see:) 

 some presents from Fashion show


сardigan: OSTIN
shoes: Ronzo

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  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

    1. wow, thanks Michelle!!! I hope you will read it:)))

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! You're so lucky! :D