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Thursday, July 26, 2012

FINALLY I deсided to make a blog! Well, first of all I should tell you a little bit about myself, right?:) My name is Dasha Karulina, I'm 17 years old. I live in Moscow, in the capital of Russia. Couple of months ago I have passed all my school-leaving exams, so right now I choose the place in which I would like to continue my education.
Ever since I can remember I'm always fond of various kinds of art: sculpture, painting, photo, literature. I guess my mom, who adores art, influenced me greatly. So, when I become older I discovered the fashion world, which seem to me as kind of art that we can do every moment of our life, every morning when we open our wardrobe!
How  you can guess I begin to fall in love with fashion fully. That's why in short I decided to make a blog in which I can talk to you not only about fashion sphere, but also about things that interests me, about art and my life.


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2 коммент.

  1. My darling, I have read your blog with a  great pleasure! Is is so wonderful that these topics inspire you and then your notes inspire other people, for example me :) I suppose it makes you happier. It is the main. Now it is a hobby for you, but I believe that one day you' ll realize everything which you want and dream about! Please, be always devoted to your favorite activities!!!! :) 

    1. Oh, dear!!! THANKS for your comment! You just can't imagine how happy I am right now! Thanks soooo much for your support!!!!:)